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First trip to the Sunken City

MyLife wizard, Boris Wildblossom, and @yetigirl's Storm/Life wizard, Devin Stormrider, just tackled Sunken City for the first time. I wasn't feeling too confident, as the Wizard 101 Wiki page says:
"Sunken City is considered the most difficult instance in Wizard City... Four people can be in this instance and that number is highly recommended to avoid frustration... Do not be surprised if you cannot beat Sunken City because it is harder then most of areas of Krokotopia. It is recommended that ... everyone be over level 25."
Instead of four wizards over level 25, we were two wizards, level 15 and level 14, so I was pleasantly surprised when we defeated the last boss (Grubb) on our first attempt. We did have take turns to teleport to the commons to restock potions once or twice, but we were never simultaneously defeated, so no "wipes". I love the way Wizard 101's casual design extends into it's dungeons -- party members are free to teleport back to the Commons to restock on health, mana and potions, then can use the friends list to jump right back into the action. As long as everyone doesn't leave at once, the instance remains open.