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A weekend as a wizard

We had a great weekend playing Wizard 101. We finished up Wizard City, including the Sunken City instance and all the side-quests we could find, then moved onto Krokotopia. It's great discovering a new game together -- typically in the past I play a game for a while before @yetigirl joins in, but we're playing Wizard 101 entirely together.

We're using Wizard 101's Crowns cash shop system to buy new zones, rather than subscribing. The advantage of using Crowns is that once you purchase a zone, it's unlocked forever, for all the characters on your account, regardless of whether you have an active subscription. This is great for us. We tend to jump from one MMO to the next every couple of months, and often can't afford to subscribe to more than one at a time, so having an MMO that's always there is a nice change.

Paying by the zone also encourages us to get the most out of it. Wizard 101 has a series of badges, which reward grinding monsters with titles, and there's plenty of vanity housing items and pets to collect by farming bosses. As we've spent up our monthly Crown allowance by unlocking all of Wizard City and the opening few areas of Krokotopia, we're going to spend some time farming items bosses, completing badges and honing decks.