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A brush with death!

OK, not a real brush with death, but with The Friendly Necromancer, a death wizard. I was curious to see how far my partner and I could expect to get as a duo in Wizard 101. One of the things that annoys me about WoW is the fact that you can handle the entire game as a duo, except the end game. So can two wizards defeat Malistaire?

I asked Friendly the question:
My parter and I just started playing Wizard 101 and we love it. We're both around level 20. She is a storm/death wizard, and I am life. I haven't picked a second school yet, but I will probably go balance.

So far we have beaten every boss and sunken city, just us two. Will we be able to do the whole game like this? Can two wizards alone defeat the hardest boss (Malistaire?)
I was pleasantly surprised to read his answer only an hour or so later, and even more pleased to find out the consensus from him and his commenters is that yes, we should be able to beat Malistaire, and the whole game, by ourselves! Excellent. It really does seem like Wizard 101 is an MMO pitched perfectly at us.

Thanks Friendly Necromancer!