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1K Blank White Cards - an RPG variant

Ever played 1000 Blank White cards? It's a really simple party card game, somewhere between Pictionary and a CCG. You draw on blank index cards, and each card can add or remove points, or alter the rules of the game.

So, I thought, what could be better than ruining improving it by adding some RPG-like elements?

In my simple RPG variant, the aim of the game is to either amass 100 XP, or kill off all your opponents. You roll a 1d20 each time you need to create a new card, and use the result as a budget to buy RPG-style attributes for the card. This preserves the crazy anything-goes aspect of the original, as you still get to create whatever you like, but provides just enough numerical balance to keep the "combat" (such that it is) from getting out of hand.

It's more of a simple party game with an RPG flavour than a proper RPG, of course, but it's still pretty fun.

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