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Blood and Boobs - Dragon Age: Origins

Last week I bought Dragon Age: Origins for tbe PC and it immediately ate up a whole week of gaming time. It's a really fantastic RPG - I haven't enjoyed a single player RPG as much as this since I first played the original Fallout at university.

The plot is essencially Lord of the Rings, minus the ring. Can a group of disparate heroes convince the free people of the world to set aside their petty squabbles and politics and unite to confront a growing evil? Of course they can. No hobbits required. Along the way, just to show how mature the story is, they'll get literally covered in blood and we'll get to see some boobs. Everyone's a winner!

» Blood and boobs. Demon boobs, but boobs nonetheless.

The web is full of DA:O news and reviews, so I won't insult your intelligence by repeating it all here. Instead I'll just point you at this Gamers With Jobs thread, the Wiki, and the #DragonAge Twitter.