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An Undergeared Alt


Meet Walakea. He's a newly created troll shaman, and he's in <Undergeared>, a guild with which Gevlon aims to raid Icecrown Citadel, using only blue gear.

Gevlon seems to be happy with bloggers being in the guild, so I'm going to blog my impressions and experiences with the guild.

So -- why am I joining this project? For a few reasons:

Even though the project doesn't officially start until this Saturday, enough people (including myself) rolled new characters yesterday to get the guild started. So far, Gevlon (as Koltas, the blood-elf mage he's using) has acted pretty much as I expected, and set the tone of the guild:

Guild Message of the Day: Welcome and good luck levelling! Please keep the guild chat for finding groups or asking WoW-questions and NOT for social chat.

...and then later, he set up some initial guild ranks, and told us:

[Guild] [Koltas]: You might recognized "Lolled!" as lowest rank. If someone says "lol" or other social nonsense, he can get himself demoted. I hope I don't have to tell what happens with a "lolled" if he does it again :-)

That pretty much made /g go quiet. Of course, as soon as he logged off, it exploded with pages of social chat. I really don't see how he can police this rule, unless he implements some Gestapo-like scheme to get us to rat out "socials" in his absence. Personally, I'm keeping quiet.

It's an interesting project, and it gives playing WoW an extra strange quality. It's made me suspicious of all my guildmates, paranoid and careful about what I say, and I'm trying to treat the whole experience as a science project. I straddle the line between social and anti-social myself (my own MMO playstyle is somewhat similar to Gevlon's) so I'm really interested to see where this guild idea goes. I can't shake the feeling that we're being used by Gevlon to prove a point, and not one about undergeared raiding: about what moron socials will do for some gold and internet fame.

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