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Microlite20 on the horizon

I've been reading a lot about Microlite20 recently, particularly this thread on EN World, where it all started. I've also been going back through the archives at Greywulf's Lair, Grognardia and The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope, so I'm in a real old-school D&D frame of mind.

I think we'll be back using M20 as our ruleset of choice. D&D 4th Edition is great, and I love the powers system, but the combat is a bit heavy on book-keeping for my liking. I want to move away from miniatures and battlemats, and back to the keep-it-simple M20 system.

Like many people in the EN World thread linked above, I've found that the fact Microlite20 has so few rules actually encourages our creativity. There's less there to worry about unbalancing or overwriting, so you can just muddle along with your own house rules and setting tweaks until you end up with something uniquely yours. And of course there's nothing wrong with sitting down with the D20 SRD and the 4e powers, and coming up with some interesting house rules...

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