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LOTRO: Too much to do?

There's so much to do in LOTRO at the moment, I'm starting to get annoyed. I know that probably makes me a strange person, but I get paralysed by choice. For example, at the moment Merrygrim is level 32, and...

I think my plan is to do the farming for ore and leathers that I need to get my professions sorted, then finish the quests and deeds in the Lone-lands. By this point I'll probably be around level 35: the experience/levelling curve still seems really quick. After that, I'll follow the epic storyline a little further and see if it picks a new zone for me -- if the quests prompt me to spend any length of time in any particular zone, I'll pick up the quests and deeds there.

As a more meta-gaming personal goal, I'm going to try and enjoy the experience as a whole more, and stop worrying about keeping gear and professions current. The XP curve and amount of content available seems to make it impossible to do everything at-level and timed perfectly.