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LotRO Resolutions for 2010

I'm making an MMO New Year's Resolution -- to play less WoW, and instead play other MMOs. In order to help me achieve this, I'm setting myself an actual actionable sub-goal: to reach the original level cap in Lord of the Rings Online by the end of the year.

Now, that might sound easy (and it probably is) but it also comes with a few caveats. I will be levelling my crafting skills as well, and I intend for them to be all mastered, up to whatever was the original end-game tier. I am going to participate in plenty of skirmishes, and have my soldier levelled up appropriately. I will have suitable reputation with my crafting guild. I will complete as many deeds as possible, barring perhaps any ridiculous end-game grinds which are no longer relevant. I will have all of my class training and mounts purchased, and a house, even if it's just a small one. Hopefully I will also have a bank vault full of useful crafting ingredients and a nice pile of gold.

As a side-project, I'm going to see if I can apply the Greedy Goblin's principals about WoW's economy to LOTRO's economy. After a quick glance at the LOTRO auction house I'm guessing it's possible -- one themepark MMO economy should behave much the same as another.

I want to be a contributing part of my wonderful kinship, the Illuvatarian Knights, and a large part of that is freely sharing crafting goods, recipes and skills. Some Greedy Goblinism will help here, although handing out the rewards to my kin runs counter to Gevlon's way of thinking!

One thing I'm not committing to is progress through the epic/book storyline. I'm mainly a solo player, so I intend to do it as-and-when I can, either as it gets patched to allow solo progression, or when I'm so ridiculously over-level that I can handle it solo anyway. Same goes for the various instances along the way.

Essentially, I want to squeeze as much solo/small group content out of the original game as possible, before setting foot into the Mines of Moria expansion. I quite like twinking out a character at each expansion threshold, making sure all my professions, reputations and finances are in shape before purchasing the next segment of content and moving on.

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