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Services, Markets and the Economy of Wellwisher Tree

Wellwisher Tree is the name of our fantasy campaign, and it's principal "point of light" location. We use Microlite20 and have dabbled with D&D4E for this setting.

Wellwisher Tree is more or less self-sufficient, with elven rangers using the surrounding woodland as a source of food and fuel. The temple provides some magical and mystical services, providing healing, blessings and some small enchantments. The resident apocathery provides food, drink and potions. Players should have no problems buying and selling basic goods, and should take particular advantage of the apocathary's stock of potions, lotions, salves and unguents.

Being a wood-elf settlement, much of the building work is in and around the trees, and primarily made of wood. The setting is primarily rustic, but that's not to say uncomfortable. Trees and buildings are decorated in places with delicate elven carvings and runes, and at night the thick foliage comes alight with light from forest wisps and glowing insects.

For other goods, there is the nearby as-yet-nameless human/dwarf settlement. Being at the base of a mountain, and having a small dwarven population, there is no shortage of capable miners, blacksmiths, and weaponsmiths producing goods, particularly in the dwarven style. The much more abundant human population likewise provides a number of inns and taverns, general goods stores and more... esoteric supplies, should you know where to look. Players should have no trouble buying and selling basic goods here, and perhaps even a magic item or two.

Being both a port and a mining hub, the settlement is reasonably affluent, though the majority of the population is employed in either working the mines or the docks, facilitating the transfer of wealth elsewhere. There are, however, a few luxurious houses, in both human and dwarven styles, and a couple of more up-market shops, selling higher quality goods at a healthy profit.

But of course, the real source of wealth for players are the treasures and spoils of battle. Luckily for low-level players in the area, the surrounding forest is lousy with goblin camps and the occassional travelling crew of bandits, who are all ripe for the looting!