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Bedrock Stoutfist, Risus style

I've been tinkering with Risus: The Anything RPG, and I'm pretty impressed. It's great to have a system so simple I can define my usual dwarf hero, Bedrock Stoutfist, in a single line:

Bedrock Stoutfist, Hardy dwarven defender (4), experienced underground explorer (3), miner (2), teller of long dwarven tales of woe (1)

...and that's it! His hardy dwarven defender cliché lets him swing a big dwarven hammer and lug around a tower shield, charge into the fray to protect his allies, and enjoy a flagon of mead afterwards. Being both an experienced underground explorer and a miner means he's more than capable of leading a group through crumbling ruins and underground lairs, and maybe even dig out some precious gemstones for some extra profit while he's at it.

And being a teller of long dwarven tales of woe? That's just to keep his allies entertained, whether they like it or not...